Peer Ministry is an advisory group to the Campus Ministry staff

The Mount Mercy Peer Ministry Team consists of campusministry staff and students of all religious denominationswho wish to invest their time, gifts, and talents to providea variety of spiritual and service programming on campus.Peer Ministers commit and dedicate their efforts to serveGod with all their heart thorough praise, worship, and service. They encourage andenable the spiritual growth of other students and empower them with the gift of God’smerciful love. Peer Ministers are active in their faith and encourage others to grow intheir faith by recognizing and sharing their talents. They strive to create a communityatmosphere in which individuals of all roles, backgrounds, and faiths can come togetherand celebrate God’s presence. There are many committees within the Peer Ministry,including service, social justice, hospital, liturgy, and faith sharing so members canchoose to work in the area that interest them most. The Mount Mercy Peer MinistryTeam meets twice a month for planning and formation. Alumni, faculty, and staff are alsoencouraged to join.

Our values: Service, Faith Encouragement, Acceptance, Recognition of All Viewpoints,Activeness in Faith, Sharing of Talents, Support for All, Discernment, Community, and Spiritual Growth.

President: Elizabeth Wareham,
Advisor: Erin Broich
Meetings: 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month at 7:00 p.m. in the Campus Ministry lounge