Past Productions

Performances were held April 29th, 30th and May 1st.

The Spring Show

A Night of Existential What?

Two great one-acts about what it means to live and die a human.

The Actor’s Nightmare by Christopher Durang

George Spelvin, a shy accountant, finds himself an unsuspecting understudy acting with likes of Sarah Siddons, Dame Ellen Terry and Edwin Booth—doyens of 19th century English and American stage. The play he is meant to perform runs from Noel Coward to Brecht and Shakespeare. Is it real, is it a dream? It’s certainly funny. If you’ve ever dreamt about showing up late to your finals wearing nothing but agrimace, this play is for you.


GEORGE SPELVIN: Mark Mettler — a young man (an accountant) mistaken for an actor
MEG: Cali Arbuckle — the Stage Manager
SARAH SIDDONS: Hillary Kaefring — a famous and glamorous actress
DAME ELLEN TERRY: Megan Mishmash — a slightly less famous actress
HENRY IRVING: Nathan VanSlyke — a dashing actor
EXECUTIONER: Patrick McClain

No Exit by Jean-Paul Sartre

Is Hell other people? So says Garcin, who finds himself in a small anteroom of Hell with two women he will soon come to know only too well. While the brazenly honest Inez gives up too much about her life, both Garcin and the socialite Estelle try to keep their dark corners unlit. This most famous existential play is must see for anyone who enjoys dark humor and intriguing lives.


VALET: Anna Bohr — a devilish attendant
GARCIN: Tanner Retzlaff — a young man shot by a Chilean firing squad for desertion
ESTELLE: Elizabeth Wareham — a socialite who died of pneumonia
INEZ: Randi Tumilty — a lesbian who died by gas in a murder suicide