Panel 7

Violence in the System

Jeffrey Meyers (Criminal Justice & Political Science)       
Gun Control: Ineffective, Counter-Productive, and Unconstitutional
Mentor: Dr. Amanda Humphrey

The topic of gun control is once again a growing issue because of recent mass shootings. Despite the tragic nature of these incidents, the call for increased gun control is misplaced. By reviewing gun control, the role of guns in crime, the intention of the 2nd Amendment, and the effectiveness of gun control measures, the evidence will indicate that gun control measures remain ineffective, counter-productive, and unconstitutional.

Jessica Moser (History)         
Iowa’s Got Talent: The Cherry Sisters
Mentor: Allison McNeese

The Cherry Sisters, from Marion, Iowa, made up a vaudeville act around the turn of the 20th century, and performed in Iowa venues as well as on Broadway in New York City. They received attention for several reasons: they were terrible performers who were often the target of overt and raucous criticism, and a legal conflict over reviews of their "art" resulted in a 1901 Iowa State Supreme Court ruling that is still cited in cases concerning "fair comment."

Trent Ryan (English)             
The Structure of the British Raj and the Shaping of Masculinity in A Passage to India
Mentor: Dr. Joy Ochs

This study examines the structures and belief systems that allow British officers to govern the Indian population in E. M. Forster’s novel A Passage to India. Within that structure, one character – a relative newcomer named Ronny Heaslop – experiences the pressure to “be a man,” knowing that it means something different in British India than in Britain. Ryan analyzes the ways in which Heaslop’s subjectivity and masculinity are shaped and defined by the demands of the Raj, and the violence that can occur to one’s sense of self in a structure with strict expectations for masculine behavior.