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The Way We Live: Studies in Social Science

Amy Burmeister (Nursing) and Nathan Stern (Social Work)   
Barriers and Effects on Children of Single Parent Families
Mentor: Dr. Mohammad Chaichian

This research examines the experiences of four different single mothers around the Cedar Rapids area. Background information, barriers, mental health, and how children are affected were all looked at when conducting research. The previous literature of a single mother household aligns with the research that we conducted. The results from the interviews show that most single mothers are facing barriers on a daily basis with their children not being raised in a two-parent household. Mental and financial stress was also a common finding among the mothers interviewed.

Nick Crosby (Criminal Justice & Political Science)     
Gun Control: Effectiveness depends on Enforcement and Limitation
Mentor: Dr. Amanda Humphrey

This paper will discuss gun control policy and its impact on crime and society. Throughout United States history gun control has always been a controversial issue, but in light of recent atrocities like the shootings in Aurora, Colorado, and at Sandy Hook Elementary, an examination of current policies deserve a second glance to see if they are effective.  By looking to crime data and previous literature on the issue of gun control, I will be able to prove that our current gun laws are ineffective. However, gun control measures can be effective if the laws already on the books are enforced and if new laws that limit certain magazine capacities and types of firearms are passed and enforced.

 Jennifer Erger (Sociology), Ashley Fisher (Social Work)   
Money and Life Satisfaction
Mentor: Dr. Mohammad Chaichian

Money and life satisfaction are two commonly discussed concepts. Many people believe there is indeed a relationship between the amount of income one has and their overall satisfaction. By looking at past studies in this paper we analyze and compare the findings to see if there is a relationship between these two variables. We conclude that there is indeed a correlation between money and overall life satisfaction, but that there are other factors affecting the latter.