Panel 3

Rhythms and Patterns: Music, Art, and Mathematics

Hilary Kaefring (Music)    
German Lieder and French Art Song: A Musical Investigation
Mentor: Dr. Daniel Kleinknecht

The purpose of this project is to discover the line that separates Lieder from other art songs. To do this, I will compare and contrast findings from scholars on what they perceive to be the separation between these two art forms based on their musical understanding. Also, I will perform two pieces of music, one that is considered to be Lieder, and the other that is considered to be art song, and I will explain what makes them different based on my research and my musical understanding.

Aunna Escobedo (Fine Art)   
Wandering Reflections
Mentor: Kathryn Hagy

My art project is a series of prints and the process of creating them over the past two years leading up to my Senior Thesis Exhibit in the Janalyn Hanson White Gallery. My art is an exploration of questions such as: What is the beauty of nature? Why does it intrigue us? Do we find the elements of nature awe-inspiring as they stand alone? As humans we share common curiosity about universal questions. We set out to find the answers through different patterns of thinking, and develop our own philosophies on the way. Through my work I explore the patterns and rhythms of nature through abstraction. The goal is to alter the human perception of what we already know, and to strike curiosity.

Lauren Hoth (Mathematics)                    
Markov Chains
Mentor: Dr. Jitka Stehnova

Markov Chains are mathematical systems of random processes with many applications as models of real world processes, including specific models in economics and the natural world. The goal is to investigate both types of Markov Chain models, ergodic and non-ergodic, with the application to weather models. During the project, Lauren learned and utilized LaTeX math software, which is the standard software used in the graduate level classes in Mathematics and for any math research papers, posters, and math journals.