The Busse Library Nursing Journals database from Ovid features 55 full-text journals from Lippincott.

The Ovid Nursing Database provides indexing to 400 scholarly journals with coverage dating from 1950.

The Journals@Ovid database offers indexing to 900 journals for researchers in psychology and the life sciences; coverage dates from the 1800s.

You may access any of the three portals from the library’s main Ovid subscription page. To find evidence-based practice, visit the “Ovid Nursing Database.” The succeeding screen displays a basic search function; select “Limits (expand)” from below the search box to see limiters (“All Fields”) commonly associated with EBSCO. At this screen, you can activate limits or select “Evidence-Based Healthcare” from the point-of-care column. Select other limiters, as needed.

The search results’ left column offers a roster of filtering points for publication year, specific journals, and publication types. Each search record offers: (1) the article’s abstract; (2) table of contents for the article’s issue, as well as other issues associated with the journal; (3) complete reference for the article; (4) articles on the same topic (“Find Similar”); (5) articles citing the source; and a (6) direct link to the full text in PDF format.