Mount Mercy graduates apply their outdoor conservation degrees to find jobs in a wide variety of areas across the state and country.

Bryce Stalcup '10, Hazardous Waste Manager, Scott County

Christopher Lutz '10, Environmental Coordinator, Dallas, TX

Lee Kibler '12, Environmental Compliance

Kristopher Slutts '12, Cedar County Conservation Department

Dexter Yaddof '12, U.S. Soil Conservation Service

Bryce Althoff '13, Iowa DNR

Reed Katzmann '14, Director of BioLife Center

Alumni Testimonials



Sarah Clark

Henry Doorly Zoo
(class of 2010)

"Mount Mercy really helped me become the person that I always wanted to be.  With the smaller class sizes and one-on-one attention I was able to learn more as well as retain the information better than going through the motions at a larger state college.  I actually started out at a state college where my grades were slipping and no one seemed to care nor tried to help.  When I transferred to Mount Mercy in 2005 the feeling of being a real person was felt more prominently.  Even when I left and later returned, I was welcomed right back in.  Neil was always there to help me when I needed it, especially when I struggled.  The thing I value most from Mount Mercy and from Neil is they saw that I worked hard even though I never was a straight A student and I was given proper credit for my efforts.  Being able to finish college and graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology has helped me achieve my goals of working with animals.  I have wanted to work in a zoo for as long as I can remember, but I knew I had to get a degree in order to be successful in that field.  Right now, I just finished my internship at the Henry Doorly Zoo which gave me the opportunity to work with several different kinds of animals.  Considering how competitive a zookeeper job is, having my college degree as well as an internship in an accredited zoo will put me above other applicants and help me land my dream job."



Bryce Stalcup
Scott County Waste Commission
(class of 2010)

"Going to Mt.Mercy was the best decision I have made to date. It shaped my life and provided me the opportunities for success. The outdoor conservation professors encouraged me to think for myself and form my own ideas which helped guide me to my career in environmental stewardship. Without the help and guidance from all of Mt. Mercy staff I would not be where I am today, I can't thank them enough."

"I work for the Waste Commission of Scott county as an Environmental Technician in our Hazardous Material Department. My job is to decrease the toxicity of our landfill which in turn minimizes pollution to our watersheds affecting our food/water supply and the ecosystem. I take appointments from residents and businesses collecting hazardous materials in every hazard class including: flammable, corrosive, toxic, environmentally hazardous, oxidizing agents, etc...Every bit of the material is gone through and is recycled if possible. The rest is lab packed and bulked to be shipped off. Flammable liquids like gasoline, oil based paint, and tars are shipped off and used for fuel blending. Toxics and Corrosives are shipped off if not recyclable and incinerated. We also take in old medication which is disposed of properly and fluorescent tubes where we will recycle every bit of the mercury, metal and glass that the tubes contain. Every day I feel good about what I do because I know the impact I am making on the ecosystem that surrounds us."



Leanne Martin
PHD in Plant Ecology at Iowa State University
(class of 2002)

"Mount Mercy provided me with a strong foundation in the biological sciences and allowed me to continue with my current career track.  After entering as an undecided major and taking a diverse array of general education courses, I soon realized I enjoyed biology courses and learning about how things work in nature.  Support for further developing my personal interests and career came not only from professors guiding me, but also from new and lifelong friendships and the strong community feeling Mount Mercy provides."