Our Success

A successful Mount Mercy student is confident, caring, quick to lend a hand, happy with who they are, and excited about where they’re going.

Our students come from wildly different backgrounds. Some are fresh out of rural high schools, while others are returning to college after decades in the workforce. What they have in common is a desire to realize their full potential — to live up to higher expectations and a higher calling.

By the Numbers

The clearest measurement of student success at Mount Mercy and in the “real world” is provided by two impressive numbers:

  • 76% of all students do internships or other career-related experiences by the time they graduate
  • 94% of MMU students are employed or in graduate school within nine months of graduation

These achievements are a testament to the drive and dedication of our students as well as the high level of career preparation afforded by a hands-on liberal arts and pre-professional education.

Emphasis on Leadership

A small, active campus like Mount Mercy’s is the ideal place to build leadership skills. Each of our more than 30 clubs and organizations needs a president, vice president and secretary. Service trips need team leaders. Residence halls need activity coordinators, residence advisors and midnight Ping-Pong tournament organizers. 

Service to the Common Good

Service is woven into Mount Mercy's fabric. Students typically log more than 12,00 hours of community service each year through dozens of service projects and in various academic settings. From traveling to the beautiful country of Belize over J-Term to working with the United Way of East Central Iowa in marketing classes, students focus on community outreach, lifelong learning and purposeful living.

Athletic Achievement

An NAIA Champions of Character school, Mount Mercy athletes pair time on the practice field with community service. In previous years, the women's volleyball team along with the men's and women's cross country teams were given the Buffalo Funds Five Star Award, a national award honoring coaches and student-athletes who exhibit exceptional character values. Mount Mercy athletes focus on not only sports and academics, but also conduct in competition and character training, recognition, and promotion.