Our Future

On August 23, 2010 Mount Mercy College became Mount Mercy University.

Our redesignation is a recognition of who we already are: a distinguished regional learning institution in the Mercy tradition that offers undergraduate, graduate and adult accelerated degrees to a diverse student population.

‘The Calling Of Our Time’

Throughout our 80-year history, Mount Mercy has responded to its core mission — higher education in service of the common good — by evolving to meet the professional demands of the workplace and social concerns of the community. Our transition from college to university is, in many ways, a long-term strategy for meeting the rapidly changing demands of 21st century life.

A 21st century education must be grounded in the liberal arts, career-relevant, globally aware, and responsive to the needs of life-long learners. Over the past decade, Mount Mercy has expanded its undergraduate offerings to include 40 majors and minors. We’ve built study abroad partnerships with universities in the Czech Republic, England and Italy. And we’ve developed a deep menu of degree programs — undergraduate, graduate and adult accelerated — that serve students of every age.

A Distinctive Identity

Mount Mercy already looks and acts like a small regional university. By changing our name to Mount Mercy University, we made that distinction clear. In a crowded and competitive higher education market, it is essential that potential students quickly and fully comprehend what makes Mount Mercy unique. This name change positioned us as a one-of-a-kind regional institution: an independent Catholic university committed to professional preparation and community service.