Our Future

Our Future 

As outlined in our strategic plan and approved by the Board of Trustees, Mount Mercy's vision statement supports the growth and expansion of the university through well-thought-out and progressive enhancements.

Mount Mercy is an institution that offers diverse academic opportunities for traditional, transfer, accelerated and graduate students. We continue to be a faith-guided, academics-focused institution, carrying on the Catholic intellectual tradition and values established by our founders, the Sisters of Mercy.

Developing Projects

To expand international opportunities, the university continues to establish carefully selected partnerships with institutions in the United States and abroad. These partnerships provide students the opportunity to increase global awareness, personal growth, academic learning and professional prospects. Mount Mercy encourages students to study abroad, and offers financial aid to those seeking new experiences in unfamiliar places.

Learn more about Mount Mercy’s dedication to being a 21st century Catholic university by exploring characteristics and examples of growth.