Busse Library provides these titles and websites for students and faculty seeking information about nutrition. Books listed here are a sampling available in the library and elsewhere. Websites reflect selected topics.

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Gateways to Nutrition Information

Nutrition : Government Websites

Nutrition : Organizations

Nutrition : Education

Nutrition : Infants and Children

Sites for Kids

Sites about Childhood Nutrition

Nutrition : Teens

Sites for Teens

Sites about Teen Nutrition

Nutrition : Adults : General

Women and Nutrition : Pregnancy and Motherhood


Nutrition: Geriatrics

Busse Library Resources

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  • Bendich, Adrianne. Preventive nutrition : the comprehensive guide for health / c1997. RM216. P778 1997
  • Davis, Judi Ratliff. Applied nutrition and diet therapy for nurses / c1994. RM216. B96 1994
  • Gallagher, Charlette R. Taking the fear out of eating / 1992. RA784. G35 1992
  • Margen, Sheldon. The wellness encyclopedia of food and nutrition / 1992. TX353. M344 1992
  • Mitchell, Mary Kay. Nutrition across the life span / c1997. QP141. M53 1997
  • Peckenpaugh, Nancy J. Nutrition: essentials and diet therapy / c1995. RM216. P67 1995
  • Rolfes, Sharon Rady. Life span nutrition : conception through life / c1990. QP141. R64 1990
  • United States, Public Health Service. The Surgeon General's report on nutrition and health / c1989. RA645. N87 U55 1989
  • Whitney, Eleanor Noss. Understanding nutrition / c1990. QP141. W46 1990
  • Worthington-Roberts, Bonnie S. Nutrition throughout the life cycle / c1996. TX354. N87 1996
  • Ziegler, Ekhard E. Present knowledge in nutrition / 2006. TX353. N88 2006 Ref


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