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Austin Caskie is a working artist who recently relocated to Iowa City from Raleigh, North Carolina. Caskie’s work is primarily focused on exploring the interaction between 3D computer scanning and more traditional art making. 

The imagery that sparked this body of work is drawn from a process called photogrammetry, better known as 3D scanning. I was attracted to the way the scanner recreated the world around it. I loved the crunchy look of the 3D models, but what caught my attention most was the way the scanner stored all the color data it captured. While scanning, the program creates what is called an unwrapped texture map, it’s a flattened out version of all the imagery that makes up the 3D model. The work shown here is from two distinct phases of working with the scanners. At first, I manipulate the scanners output to create compositions that please me. Later, I began to question why I was so fixated on meticulously painting these complicated images. I could very easily just print out the images the computer makes and save a lot of time. What did my act of painting have to add to an image that had already been created? I show both the paintings I created as well as the images created by the scanner, knowing full well this immediately invites a comparison. I hope the dialogue between these pieces will inspire a conversation about the value the viewer may, or may not, place in the human touch. For me this body of work is about medium and process. The subject matter of each piece exists primarily as a source of texture and color. Despite this each has taken on a personal significance to me. I hope you will also connect to these domestic scenes from my daily life. 

Dates of show: Nov 12th until December 6th

Artist lecture (Betty Cherry Hall) from 4-5pm on Dec 6th

Artist Reception from 5-7pm on Dec 6th


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