Gallery Exhibit: Aaron Butcher and Nick Ringelstetter: The Joy of Weird

Janalyn Hanson White Gallery Hours*
Monday–Friday | 4–6 p.m.
*Viewings outside of normal business hours can be arranged by checking out a gallery key from the Sisters of Mercy University Center Information Desk, or by calling 319-363-8213.

A resident of Dubuque, Aaron Butcher’s work is a response to spontaneous markmaking, and the search for and creation of sketched images—enhanced by the addition of collage. The result is funny, unique, and sometimes “weird” characters that invite viewers to respond with their own stories. Nick Ringelstetter, from Spring Green, WI, works with mixed media using spray, water, acrylic, oil paints, markers,and pens on canvas, wood, and metal to create monster-occupied alien landscapes.

Artists' Lecture & Reception

September 26, 2017 [details]


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