Economics: Rationality or Compassion

November 2, 2017 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm | Betty Cherry Heritage Hall

In a nation divided into a 1% and a 99%, how is it decided who gets what? Is the federal budget, a matter of accounting, or should it be, as Martin Luther King Jr., exhorted, a “moral document”? Associate Professor of Economics Dr. Ayman Amer will explore the moral origins of economics and how it has evolved to address (or ignore) poverty, labor, the environment, and the common good.

This event is part of the 2017 Fall Faculty Series — Divided We Fall: Finding Common Ground in a Fractured Age.

Associate Professor of Economics Ayman Amer is active in the interfaith community of Cedar Rapids and a member of the Midwest Economics Association and the Northeast Business and Economics Association. He has presented research papers on gender economics, U.S. immigration, and the economic growth in major United States metropolitan areas.


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