Marketing with Mary Bruggeman Boeding

October 3, 2013 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm | Chapel of Mercy, Busse Center

Mary Bruggeman Boeding is a highly talented business professional who graduated from Mount Mercy College in 1977 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and Business. Mary joined Oscar Mayer/Kraft Foods directly after graduation, and began a career that spanned over 32 years.  She is well versed across a wide range of business, organizational and life/balance issues.  Her career evolved from Sales into Marketing and ultimately led to her passion, New Product Development.  She was also an effective leader of many other organizational opportunities such as United Way and Kraft Diversity Councils. This event is free and open to the public. Mary's presentation will cover the following topics:

  • My Journey to Mount Mercy
  • My Mount Mercy Life and How It Prepared Me
  • My Career Story and Life Path Reflections
  • Marketing at Kraft – Role and Insights
  • New Product Development Process and Concept Tools
  • 10 Words of Advice as You Impart on your Work/Life Journey

Mary is often recognized for her unique team leadership skills that she uses to foster creativity, develop grounded strategies and create action-oriented plans. Bob Becker, former VP of New Product Development for Kraft recognized one of her greatest skills – “Mary has many skills that made her a valuable contributor to Oscar Mayer and Kraft’s success. Her creativity, business acumen and street smarts set her apart from others. But the skill that is most striking is Mary’s genuineness.  With Mary you see what you get.  There is never a hidden agenda, never any conceit and never any attitude.  She is the real deal!”

One of Mary’s greatest contributions went beyond successful business results to being a mentor and advocate for others in the organization.  When she began her career, the gender composition of the sales force at Oscar Mayer was almost totally men. In this environment, Mary was a trailblazer for women as she progressed into several positions in sales management.  She championed the diversity council movement at Kraft and created a women’s network (Women’s Insight Network), and served as management liaison to other diversity councils.

Since retiring in 2010, Mary has been an integral board member for the non-profit, Families and Schools Together, Inc.  FAST is a highly effective program that uses a variety of research-based activities to empower parents and strengthen the relationship between children/parents, schools and the community.

Mary is a native of Victor, IA and now lives in Madison, WI with her husband, Rollie. Her two children, Sarah and Matt, have recently launched into the working world and she enjoys mentoring them as they start on their work journeys.  In her spare time she enjoys golf, racquetball, and traveling, as well as spending time with her children, her husband and her family in Iowa.


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