Marshall Muehlbauer '21 led Especially for You Race Against Breast Cancer team because of personal connection

Marshall Muehlbauer ’21 | BSN Nursing Marshall Muehlbauer '21

After having many people in his life affected by breast cancer, Marshall Muehlbauer ’21 decided to become a team captain for the Cedar Rapids Especially for You Race Against Breast Cancer (EFY) held in early October.

This is Muehlbauer’s first-ever EFY race. He said he sees it as an opportunity to support his loved ones who were previously and are continuously affected by breast cancer. His goal is to raise awareness and money for breast cancer prevention and other women’s health initiatives.

“This year, I am walking for my grandma who passed away from breast cancer, and my aunt who is a breast cancer survivor,” Muehlbauer said. “I have heard from people who have done it in the past that it is a great event, so I am excited to experience it for myself this year.”

Muehlbauer will lead the MMU team. As president of the Mount Mercy University Association of Nursing Students (MMUANS), he created Team Mount Mercy with the help of advisor Audrey Sheller. They invited students across multiple majors and organizations to join.

“It was a good change since we are including non-nursing students and executive members from other MMU organizations,” Muehlbauer said.

When it comes to his major, Muehlbauer likes to joke around. He likes to say that he wanted to be a lawyer but walked in the wrong classroom and decided to stay.

“If you asked me five years ago what I would be doing, I don’t think I’s say a ‘nurse.’” Muehlbauer chose nursing because he can make a real impact on their patients.

Some of the best skills Muehlbauer learned here at MMU throughout the nursing program are autonomy and accountability. During clinicals, he felt his assessments, recommendations, and questions were all taken seriously.

The program's autonomy has instilled in me to act with confidence because I know my professors, instructors and peers will listen to what I have to say. I know I can ask important questions and act on what I think needs to be done.”

MMU has also taught Muehlbauer accountability.

“We as students are held accountable for our learning—coming to class ready to learn, having our work and reading done beforehand. As a leader, accountability is an indispensable skill. In nursing, you are not only held accountable for your work, but you must also other people’s work as well.”

Muehlbauer said he is driven to pursue his nursing degree because nurses are at the forefront of change.

“I firmly believe that a nurse is for everyone, not just one patient. The world needs more change-makers; people who see clinical or social problems and are willing to tackle them head-on.”

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