Wanting a place that would work for him, Tyson Benesh '18 MBA came to MMU for success

Tyson Benesh '18 MBA and family

Mount Mercy’s Master’s of Business Administration program was one of the key pieces that helped guide Tyson Benesh ’18 MBA to a career in finance.

When Tyson needed a break from the program as he transitioned jobs, he knew Mount Mercy would have his back. After a year-and-a-half break, Tyson re-enrolled and jumped right back into the program—graduating with his master’s degree in 2018.

MMU: How did you come to Mount Mercy? What made the MBA program right for you?

TB: I came to Mount Mercy through a co-worker’s referral. I was interested in pursuing my MBA and wanted a place where they would invest as much time and energy in me as I would invest in furthering my education. My co-worker said this was an excellent place to accomplish both goals.

MMU: You took some time away from the program, which is not unusual. In what ways did Mount Mercy support your decision?

TB: The faculty and staff have an excellent understanding that all of us have lives outside the classroom, and they did an excellent job communicating this. I was out of the program for over a year and a half, and never did I feel any pressure to return before I was ready. These were the types of values that attracted me to Mount Mercy and helped make my journey a remarkable one.

MMU: What made you decide to re-enroll?

TB: I’ve always had a strong work ethic and never leave a project unfinished. I knew I was always going back, but what I needed was some time between job transitions. Mount Mercy was more than accommodating and kept in touch the entire time I was away from the program. Re-enrolling was the easiest step in the process. Marcie, the MBA director, went above and beyond to help me get re-enrolled, and I can never thank her enough for being part of the foundation that helped me finish my journey.

MMU: Going back to school is a major decision—how did your family help you achieve your goals?

TB: I can’t thank my family enough for being a solid foundation during my journey. My wife, Paige, and our two little girls, Kennedi and Scarlett, provided the support I needed to help me complete my MBA. 

MMU: What advice do you have for people who would like to return to MMU?

TB: My advice would be go back and get it done! You will always regret not finishing what you started. Once I got back into my first class, it felt like I had never stepped away and that’s a testament to how the faculty and staff treat all of the graduate students. They are truly invested in you as a student and, more importantly, as a person.

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