Alumni Spotlight: Danny Mishek ’97

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Danny Mishek ’97
BS Marketing & Public Relations

Alumni Spotlight: Danny Mishek ’97

My name is Danny Mishek and I graduated in 1997 with a double major in Marketing and Public Relations.

Alumni Spotlight: Danny Mishek ’97

People asked me why I chose to go to Mount Mercy. It was easy in my mind. When I knew they had pleated khakis and Tetris pattern golf shirts... I was in!

Alumni Spotlight: Danny Mishek ’97

It has been great getting reacquainted with Mount Mercy University as an alumnus. I have enjoyed getting my family of six involved as we meet more friends through these events. President Hamen has been awesome to work with. Love her vision and passion for the students and the school.

It was an honor to present at the Barbara Knapp Lecture series and meet the great Barbara herself! It was rewarding to share my story regarding bringing the sustainable product to market using U.S. Manufacturing and compostable plastics.

Alumni Spotlight: Danny Mishek ’97

Thought I would reflect on the friends I made at Mount Mercy University. Even though we were studying a lot, we were able to make lifetime friends.

Once in a while we would loosen up our ties and sing karaoke after studying. The RA would give us a gentle reminder that it was getting late.

One of my roommates even found love on the Hill.

Alumni Spotlight: Danny Mishek ’97

I have wholeheartedly embraced U.S. Manufacturing and the importance of our environment. We produce products that are made from plant-based plastics and are compositable.  

Landfill Free is a direction that we should all strive for. The selfeco & selfeco-garden lines are industrial compostable.

I've been blessed to use my education to travel the world, meet with politicians, and receive 5 patents thus far. The ride never gets old nor does the opportunity to learn.

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