Alumni Spotlight: Leslie Hoffmann ’17

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Leslie Hoffmann ’17
BA Graphic Design

Leslie Hoffmann ’17

Hi all! My name is Leslie Hoffmann.

A little about me:

I graduated from MMU in 2017 with a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design and a Business minor with an emphasis in Marketing. I played volleyball all four years and was a part of Enactus for two years.

I’m originally from Manchester, IA, but I am now living in Las Vegas, NV working as a Graphic Designer for a tool manufacturing company called JS Products.

Leslie Hoffmann ’17

Volleyball first introduced Mount Mercy to me, and for that I will be forever grateful.

Being a part of this team instantly gave me that sense of belonging in a new place and gave me a support group that turned into lifetime friends.

Over the years, volleyball taught me to see the bigger picture beyond just the court: to be a leader, a role model, a supportive and kind teammate, the power of positive thinking, and that hard work pays off.

I am honored to have gotten to represent number 4 for four years. Thank you to all my coaches for guiding and pushing me and to the athletic trainers for taking care of me to keep me out on the court! And to all my teammates, words don’t do justice for what you all mean to me and how much I miss getting to play with you all!

Leslie Hoffmann ’17

2016 J-Term: I traveled to Belize on a service trip to help build a house for the Coba family. We spent 2 weeks moving cinder blocks, mixing materials, pouring cement, and laying mortar. At night we’d hang out with the Cobas, play games, sing karaoke, help with homework, etc.

I even helped consult a few small businesses on marketing strategies. Learning the Cobas’ story and being able to help even just a little bit left a huge impact on me.

Leslie Hoffmann ’17

2017 J-Term: After my 2 best friends and I convinced each other, we decided to go on the European Study Abroad trip to Germany, Austria, and Italy. Being able to see in person the different things I had studied in art classes was pretty surreal. Not to mention the amazing food, sights, and castles!

These trips took me outside of my comfort zone and allowed me to meet and become friends with so many great people. I was able to step into different cultures and experience things I wouldn’t have gotten the chance to otherwise.

Leslie Hoffmann ’17

I was involved in a handful of clubs & organizations at MMU, but being a part of Enactus really changed me.

I had always dreaded public speaking, but this group empowered and inspired me to be able to stand up on a stage and confidently speak about the small businesses that we had helped, the impact we made in our community, and so much more.

We hosted Sharondale from Belize and gave her an e-commerce platform; we turned sandbags into handbags after the flood; we consulted businesses on how to better their strategies and profits; we gave vendors a space to sell their goods; we, just simple college kids, made a difference.

And I made some great friends through the process.

Leslie Hoffmann ’17

I used to think Des Moines would be the farthest I’d move away… MAYBE Minneapolis. Ha! My boyfriend, Drew, got stationed in Vegas, so I started a new journey: I got a job, packed up my car, and made the road trip with mom as my copilot.

I’m 1 of 4 graphic designers at JS Products. I design all things tool related: product packaging, flyers, banners, tradeshow signage, catalogs, displayer renderings, mock-ups, etc. We handle our own brands as well as contracted/licensed brands.

Living in Vegas has opened up adventures like Zion, California beaches, mountains, hiking, design conferences for work, and just finding my own way.

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