Degree in 3 program enables a bachelor’s degree in three years, rather than the typical four

Degree in 3

Mount Mercy University recently launched its Degree in 3 program, enabling undergraduate students to save time and money by earning a bachelor’s degree in just three years.

“With the rising cost of higher education around the country, Mount Mercy is committed to making college affordable for all students,” said Terri Crumley, vice president for enrollment & marketing. “Undergraduate students save a full year’s worth of tuition and time and have the opportunity to jumpstart their career with our new Degree in 3 program.”

The program is open to incoming freshmen. Eligible majors include accounting, finance, human resource management, management, and marketing. More info here »

Students interested in furthering their education with Mount Mercy also have a fast-track option with the MMU+ program. Undergraduate students take graduate courses during their junior and senior years, enabling them to complete bachelor’s and master’s degrees in under five years. More info here »

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