MMU guarantees enrollment to international students from Indian Hills Community College

International students studying at Indian Hills Community College in Ottumwa, Iowa, now have a guaranteed path to their bachelor’s degree thanks to an agreement between IHCC and Mount Mercy University.

The new agreement, signed this week by Mount Mercy University President Laurie Haman, and IHCC President Dr. Marlene Sprouse, offers every international student who completes an associate degree at IHCC, a place at Mount Mercy.

In addition to guaranteed admittance, students will receive a $1,000 IHCC Transfer Scholarship, may qualify for a $3,500 residential grant to help with the cost of living on campus at Mount Mercy, and may be eligible for a variety of other scholarships.

“Mount Mercy offers a vibrant and welcoming community for all students,” said Catharine Cashner, MMU's director of international student recruitment and integration. “Students here—both international and those from the U.S.—enrich and are enriched by their time at Mount Mercy. We are thrilled to provide this opportunity for these students who have taken a risk and left home to pursue an education abroad. Each deserves our admiration and I know Mount Mercy is the right place for them to continue their education.”

Mount Mercy has accepted several international students from IHCC in recent years, but this agreement streamlines the admittance process and strengthens the relationship between the two institutions. It also helps guarantee students who start their college education in Iowa complete a bachelor’s degree in the state.

To learn more about Mount Mercy, visit or contact admissions at 1-800-248-4504.

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