National Student Nurses Association passes MMUANS resolution

The Mount Mercy University Association of Nursing Students (MMUANS) overcame a long journey to get a resolution based on pediatric care coordination between healthcare and education systems passed at the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA) annual convention this past April.

In order to bring attention to a particular issue, groups must choose a resolution. The resolution is a specific topic that allows the group to analyze and find flaws with methods already in place.

“Our goal was to increase awareness about a lack in communication between school nurses and primary care providers,” said Paige Wenger, senior nursing major and president of MMUANS.

MMUANS decided on this topic because many of the authors have an interest in pediatric nursing. The team of authors who wrote the resolution included students Paige Wenger, Kayley Keller, Kelsey Gerhart, Kristy Lueken, Malinda Shoaf, Nicole Wubbena, Kelsee Castonguay and Stephanie Timm.

Dr. Sharon Guthrie, Master of Science in Nursing program director, assistant professor, and Iowa Nursing Association (IANS) and American Nursing Association (ANA) member, helped guide the authors through the process. Guthrie provided considerable insight to the topic with her background as a school nurse.

However, the process was more than simply picking a topic that interested the group.

“After choosing our topic, we began to research articles with supporting information and statistics,” Wenger said. “We organized the information we found in our research and began writing the resolution. There were many drafts with edits and corrections throughout the writing process.”

“As a mentor to the MMUANS students, I guide the students to consider multiple different aspects of an issue and also help the authors keep the key points succinct,” Guthrie said.

Wenger said that resolutions are made up of “whereas” statements, which are facts stating the need for the resolution, and “resolved” statements, which list actions to be taken. The final step to the process was submitting the resolution along with an abstract, estimated cost of implementing, references cited and contacts for organizations.

“We first presented our resolution at the Iowa Association of Nursing Students Annual Convention in October,” Wenger said. “The resolution was voted on and passed by the House of Delegates which allowed it to be implemented within the state of Iowa.

“From there we made a few edits and presented it at the NSNA annual convention in April. The resolution was debated and voted on and passed by the House of Delegates, which allowed it to be implemented nationally.”

Hours of hard work went into writing this resolution. Everyone involved was elated to know that it had passed and that their work was being acknowledged.

With the resolution passed, NSNA will support collaboration between healthcare and education systems. As well as encouraging all nursing programs and students to evaluate pediatric care coordination, the resolution will be published in Imprint, NSNA’s monthly journal.

“The MMUANS students who participate in writing, submitting, and representing a resolution gain valuable first-hand experience learning how healthcare issues are formulated into a resolution and articulated, represented, and utilized to change or influence healthcare,” Guthrie said. “It is critical that nurses gain experiences such as writing and representing resolutions so they are actively engaged in leading the profession of nursing.”

If any student—nursing or not—is interested in helping write next academic year’s resolution, please contact Paige Wenger at

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