Cedar Rapids Area College Students Fund-raise ‘For The Kids’

Students from Coe College, Kirkwood Community College, and Mount Mercy University participating in the Cedar Rapids Dance Marathon will be taking to their feet for twelve straight hours to raise money for the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital.

Cedar Rapids Dance Marathon is a student-run philanthropy organization. Students from Coe, Mount Mercy, and Kirkwood partner together to raise money for families at the University of Iowa Children's Hospital through the Children's Miracle Network.

The students’ year-long fundraising efforts will be concluded on April 11 when student “dancers” from all three schools gather at Mount Mercy University in honor of the families and reveal this year’s fundraising total. Each dancer has to fund-raise a minimum of $35. This year’s goal is to raise $28,000.

Money raised from the event will be distributed to the University Children’s Hospital by the Children’s Miracle Network. The money provides assistance to local families who have children with life-threatening illnesses. Funds cover a range of necessities such as a cup of coffee ($3.45) to a pediatric wheel chair ($1,680). 

Throughout the duration of the Dance Marathon, students will be doing more than dancing. The day is instead filled with activities such as playing games, exercising, and doing anything but sitting, to raise money for the children. At the top of each hour all participants will come together for the moral dance, a choreographed dance routine, which shows the unity between the schools in support of the kids.

The main mantra of the event is to always stand “For The Kids.” The dancers cannot drink caffeine at all before or during the event. The college students will also have the opportunity to meet the families they are dancing for.

Dance Marathon events began in 1991 in honor of Ryan White who was nineteen when he passed away from HIV/AIDS after a blood transfusion. He passed away the summer before he planned to begin school at Indiana University. In his honor, his friends created Dance Marathon. There are now over 250 colleges and universities that host events.

The Cedar Rapids Dance Marathon will be held at Mount Mercy University on Saturday, April 11 from 10 a.m. – 10 p.m.  To make a donation to Cedar Rapids Dance Marathon visit events.dancemarathon.com/event/CRDM

written by Laura Kerr


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