New guaranteed admission and scholarship opportunities at Mount Mercy University for Kirkwood grads

Mount Mercy University and Kirkwood Community College have worked together for more than 15 years to provide students with top-quality education. On Friday, Nov. 14, the institutions continue their partnership by signing two new guaranteed admission agreements that will assist both veteran and international students in achieving affordable pathways to a four-year degree.

The agreements will provide guaranteed admission for veteran and international students entering Mount Mercy’s traditional undergraduate program after completing an associate degree at Kirkwood. The agreements will also provide scholarships and additional advising opportunities for the two student populations.

In addition to generous transfer scholarships, a $1,000 renewable scholarship for military personnel will be offered. Veterans enrolled at Kirkwood who plan to transfer to Mount Mercy are also welcome to participate in the university’s Veterans Free Lunch Friday.

International students will also be eligible for generous transfer scholarships and may also qualify for a residential grant of $3,500 to aid in on-campus living at Mount Mercy.  

“Veteran and international students will benefit from having a visible, established pipeline at Mount Mercy University when they complete their associate degree from Kirkwood,” said Dr. Rob Callahan, vice president for enrollment and student services at Mount Mercy. “These agreements will also allow for further collaborative work between Mount Mercy and our friends at Kirkwood.”

“This is just another great example of our growing collaboration with Mount Mercy,” said Bill Lamb, vice president of academic affairs at Kirkwood. “It’s always ideal to work together with such a fine institution. The agreements we’re signing will build more opportunities for our students to succeed.”

The signing will take place at 9 a.m. in the third-floor Kirkwood Hall Board Room at Kirkwood Community College with both Mount Mercy President Laurie Hamen and Kirkwood President Mick Starcevich attending.

Learn more about Mount Mercy' University's partnership with Kirkwood Community College.

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