Mount Mercy University announces two new accelerated degrees in healthcare

Mount Mercy University is pleased to announce the addition of two new accelerated degree programs in healthcare administration and healthcare leadership slated to begin Fall 2014. Classes are offered during convenient evening hours to accommodate the busy schedules of working professionals.

The healthcare administration program prepares transfer students for management positions. Colette Atkins, assistant provost explained, “The healthcare administration program fills critical needs in the education of healthcare managers by offering a curriculum that integrates strong management skills with ethical decision-making and emphasizes quality care.” The program meshes business courses like principles of management with healthcare administration courses such as healthcare law, and offers internship opportunities as well.

Healthcare leadership is designed for students who have obtained an associate of applied science degree in allied health professions. Mount Mercy’s program will hone the leadership, strategic planning, and management skills needed for students to become successful organizers in the healthcare field. 

“Both of these accelerated degree programs are designed to springboard students into a fulfilling career,” Atkins stated. “Whether students plan on building occupations within health insurance, medical offices, or will continue to graduate school, Mount Mercy’s healthcare administration and healthcare leadership degree programs will help them reach their ultimate goals.”

For more information on accelerated programs, or to apply, visit

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