Choose Your Challenge Winners

Congratulations to Nikola Utinkova, Amanda Mayotte, and Brady Gerber—the 2014 Choose Your Challenge contest winners! Thank you to all who entered for sharing so many beautiful things about MMU!

A Day In My Life As An MMU Student – Video $500 prize

Winner: Nikki Utinkova, Czech Republic

Nikki is an international student from the Czech Republic who studied on Mount Mercy’s campus during the 2013-2014 academic year. Her video captures a typical day in her life as an MMU student. “In my spare time in between traveling back home, I created a video. I hope you will like it,” she said. Nikki recently arrived home in the Czech Republic, and her friends on campus already miss her greatly.

What I Love About MMU  - Photo $250 prize

Winner: Amanda Mayotte, public relations

 “I took this picture on September 21, 2012, International Peace Day and the day of Mount Mercy’s peace pole dedication. I attended the event because I wanted to understand the significance of the pole and how it fit into Mount Mercy’s culture. I learned so many things in the hour of the dedication; I have carried the knowledge with me through my experience at Mount Mercy. The pole proclaims the message ‘May Peace Prevail on Earth’ in English as well as other languages, something I’ve come to understand as one of Mount Mercy’s incredible values. During the dedication, a short speech was given and a poem was read, both included messages of hope and love. After the event, I spoke with a few of the Sisters and explored what the pole meant to them. One sister was emotional and explained that, to her, the peace pole carried the message of everything she has worked for her whole life. It was that moment when I fully realized I belonged at Mount Mercy.”

Graduation Day – Photo $100 prize

Winner: Brady Gerber, biology

“I chose this picture of Aaron Lacy and I right before the graduation ceremony because it really shows the bitter sweetness of graduation. It is sad because we are all headed in different directions and on to a new chapter of our lives, but it is rewarding because we have accomplished so much and will be taking the next step. Lacy and I have been very good friends since the start of college and we are both heading to different grad schools so is picture shows the emotion and excitement of graduation.”







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