Mount Mercy University announces free tuition scholarship program

Iowa high school seniors enrolling as new Mount Mercy University freshmen in the fall of 2014 will have a unique financial aid option – the Catherine McAuley Scholarship.

“The scholarship is meant to bridge the gap some students encounter between grant amounts and remaining tuition costs, essentially resulting in free tuition,” stated Dean of Admissions Terri Crumley. “This scholarship, aligned with our mission, will allow even more talented young people to pursue their academic dreams with Mount Mercy.”

The scholarship will be offered to incoming, traditional university freshmen with annual household incomes of $45,000 or less, and can be renewed for up to four years. Eligibility also requires Iowa residency, graduation from an Iowa high school and on-campus residency during all four academic years.

“An affordable, tuition-free, private education is absolutely a reality at Mount Mercy thanks to this new initiative,” said President Laurie Hamen. “The Catherine McAuley Scholarship will positively influence many young learners and their families – an exciting tribute to our campus history as a Sisters of Mercy sponsored university.”

“Our engaging faculty, excellent undergraduate majors, opportunities for research and service, expanding athletic offerings and diverse campus community makes Mount Mercy a great choice,” Hamen continued. “We look forward to connecting even more students to Mount Mercy’s top-quality education through this scholarship.”

Prospective students are encouraged to learn more about the Catherine McAuley Scholarship at

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