Mount Mercy Times Wins Record 15 ICMA Awards

The Mount Mercy Times won 15 awards, including three first-place awards, seven second-place awards, two third place awards and three honorable mentions at the Iowa College Media Association convention Feb. 6 in Des Moines.

Fourteen of the awards were in the ICMA “Better Newspaper” contest, recognizing the Mount Mercy Times newspaper. The other award was in the Multi-Media competition, which included the Times web site

The 15 awards are by far the most won by Mount Mercy in the annual ICMA media contest. In particular, multiple individual awards were won by Madison Jones, Co-Editor; Taylor Foster, Sports Editor; and TJ Kremer, III, Editor-in-Chief.

The awards are:

  1. 1st place, Best News Photo, Taylor Foster.
  2. 1st place, Best Feature Photo, Madison Jones.
  3. 1st place, Best Profile Story, Madison Jones.
  4. 2nd place, Best Editorial Leadership, The Mount Mercy Times editorial board (award for staff editorials).
  5. 2nd place, Best Headline Writing, Madison Jones.
  6. 2nd place, Best Opinion Writing, Taylor Foster.
  7. 2nd place, Best Blog, TJ Kremer, III.
  8. 2nd place, Best Coverage of First Amendment Issues, Madison Jones.
  9. 2nd place, Best Inside Page Design, Madison Jones.

10. 2nd place, Best Op-Ed Section, The Mount Mercy Times staff, lead writer on section TJ Kremer, III.

11. 3rd place, Best Front Page, The Mount Mercy Times staff.

12. 3rd place, General Excellence, The Mount Mercy Times staff.

13. Honorable Mention, Best Opinion Writing, Madison Jones.

14. Honorable Mention, Best Coverage of First Amendment Issues, TJ Kremer, III.

15. Honorable Mention, Best Sports Story, The Mount Mercy Times staff.

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