#GivingTuesday prompts messages from Mount Mercy community

Giving Tuesday is a campaign to unite charitable givers in supporting causes in the spirit of the holiday season. This Dec. 3 marks the second annual #GivingTuesday movement, and Mount Mercy faculty, staff and students took a moment to express how truly valued gifts to our university are…

“Every year there are students who wouldn't be able to attend without financial aid and scholarship support. Private gifts help provide scholarships which is literally sometimes the difference between whether or not a student can attend.”

“I would thank anyone who chooses to give to Mount Mercy’s mission.  Donors are investing in the enlightened future of our community, and that is a beautiful gesture.”

“Most of the funds that support our service trips and service learning experiences come from donations. We never want to deny a student the opportunity to serve communities at need, so we work to keep the student expenses as small as possible. Private donations mean we are able to take students to help with flood recovery in New Orleans, develop relationships with people with special needs at Misericordia Home in Chicago, and help build businesses (literally from the ground up) in Punta Gorda, Belize.”

“Giving to Mount Mercy is a chance for you to help individual students, for you to ‘lighten their burdens’ by providing them the opportunity to attend this university. At Mount Mercy, students receive an education rich in experiences and valuable to their future. So let's help lighten their burdens today!”

“Mount Mercy is a place where momentous things happen every day. It could be something as significant as a faculty member changing the life of a student by introducing them to new, exciting concept. It could be something as noteworthy as a student discovering the previously unknown in a science lab or a student athlete setting a new record. It could even be something as simple as a staff member lifting the spirit of a homesick student with a smile. Regardless, the amazing happens every day at Mount Mercy. Donations help secure a future of amazing things for many generations of Mount Mercy students, faculty, and staff.”

“Your donation will help make students' dreams come true. You'll help them publish their writing in THE PAHA REVIEW, act in a Greek tragedy, serve as Student Government President, study abroad, or win a national championship.”

“I have had the privilege to be a part of the Mount Mercy family for more than 38 years. What I have gained from my experiences here, beginning with the Sisters of Mercy, is beyond measure. I give to Mount Mercy as a way of saying thank you and to perpetuate, in a small way, the wonderful vision and mission the Sisters had so many years ago to provide the highest quality educational experience possible and the unwavering commitment demonstrated daily to sacrifice their own needs for the needs of others.”

“At some point in your life, someone lent you a hand, now it's your turn to help someone else. Your gift will help them excel and in turn, those students may help someone else.”

“I choose to give to institutions and causes that align with my personal values. Mount Mercy is the only educational institution I support because I have seen the difference we make in the lives of students and in our community. Our Alumni possess the skills to engage successfully in the workforce and the compassion and drive to make a positive difference in the lives of others.  When I give to Mount Mercy it’s an investment in the future of our community.”

“Many of our students really struggle to make ends meet. Endowed scholarships make it possible for them to persevere, finish college, and fulfill their dreams. These contributions can truly change lives.”

“Before coming to Mount Mercy I had never worked in the nonprofit world. Working with people who are committed to making a life-changing impact on the lives of others, through teaching or coaching, spiritual leadership, community outreach, counseling, hospitality – no matter what role people are playing at Mount Mercy, everyone is working for something far beyond what they take home in a paycheck. It is a privilege to have a role in such a mission, and to be able to support the cause with my personal financial gifts.”

“Giving to Mount Mercy will allow others to have the same great experiences here that I have had here. By giving we can offer our students and employees cutting-edge technology and the support they need to be successful. This isn't just a place to work...it's a family to come share with every day!”

“I would invite the community to listen to stories from our students who have benefited from Mount Mercy scholarships or grants. Hearing the students' stories of how their education and all the experiences Mount Mercy offers to them, would not have been possible without the scholarship they received, helps me to willingly contribute each month. As an employee of Mount Mercy, I also believe my financial contributions to Mount Mercy help solidify our reputation as a well-loved and well-supported institution within the community. People have an array of 'causes' to which they provide financial support - for me it's helping provide an opportunity for a college education to deserving young men and women.”

“The money you are donating is helping create a better future for our youth. Let’s start the cycle of giving so when our current and future students grow up they can remember the help that they received to go to Mount Mercy and then in turn hopefully follow your lead.”

“Your donation can help do things such as; renovate our buildings to make them more inviting and functional, provide scholarships to students who may not otherwise be able to afford a college education, as well as help with current campaigns such as Home Field Advantage. This helps bring more students to Mount Mercy and increase retention rates. All of these things help Mount Mercy to continue to be a vibrant campus that students want to attend!”

“I would tell the community that giving would make a difference to the students who would benefit out of the donation.”

“The donations we receive allow students, faculty and staff to do the job they are here to do. As a student the less time you spend trying to find money, the more time you have to focus on the task at hand.”

“Contributing annually is one way to show my appreciation for the extraordinary personal and professional experience I’ve had as a faculty member and now administrator. It’s a small way to make an added difference for our unsurpassed students, programs, and special projects. It’s been my experience that every contribution, at any stage of my career, has been genuinely appreciated and put to use with student benefit as the central focus.”

“Giving to Mount Mercy is my way of expressing belief in our mission and providing financial confirmation of that support. There are many worthy charities and nonprofit endeavors all asking for donations, but supporting Mount Mercy is like taking care of family first.”

“Giving to Mount Mercy ensures another enlightened person now knows the value of reflecting, engaging, serving, and living!”

"The spirit and mission of Mount Mercy can be seen in the faces and actions of its students, alumni, staff, and faculty. When you contribute to the university, you are making a real difference in the lives of these individuals; a tangible difference that can be seen in the classroom, in athletics, in research, in the activities, and beyond into the vocational world. The university of the 21st Century is not an inexpensive institution to operate, so your contribution is imperative to the future of all its individuals."

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