Mount Mercy University, Mercy Medical Center to conduct mock emergency drill with local response crews

Mount Mercy University and Mercy Medical Center are partnering to conduct a mock emergency drill on Wednesday, April 17, for disaster preparedness. At 10:00 a.m., emergency crews including Cedar Rapids Police Department, Cedar Rapids Fire Department, and EMT will respond to a fictitious chemical explosion on Mount Mercy's campus. The entire Mount Mercy campus will be evacuated as emergency response crews enter the buildings.

A group of pre-identified Mount Mercy students will participate as victims who have been injured and killed in the blast. Following the evacuation on Mount Mercy's campus, students will be transported to Mercy Medical Center where they will arrive in stage makeup, wearing tags that identify their individual injuries. Mercy's Emergency Department staff will assess and treat the students as part of the training exercise.

"This is a good opportunity for our campus to practice our response should the unthinkable happen, while also partnering with local emergency response crews and Mercy Medical Center to help them in their training," said Mount Mercy Director of Public Safety Blake Mikesell. "We are grateful to the response crews and Mercy Medical Center for including us in this drill."

As a healthcare organization, Mercy Medical Center participates in two full-scale disaster drills each year. These drills test the readiness of the hospital staff in responding to various emergency situations.

"Mercy appreciates the opportunity to drill this emergency scenario in partnership with Mount Mercy University. It is always useful for our staff to put their emergency training to the test and identify areas for improvement," said Mercy Emergency Management and Safety Officer Mike Wilwol. "Mercy is on the forefront in our community with emergency preparedness and we take a very proactive approach. We hope we don't ever need to use it, but if we do, a plan is in place and we have a highly trained staff ready to carry it on."

Members of the media are invited to cover activities relating to the drill. The exercise is expected to finish around noon. Representatives from Mount Mercy and Mercy Medical Center will be available at the hospital following the exercise to answer media questions.

For more information, contact Mount Mercy's Coordinator of Marketing and Media Content Jennifer Jentz at or 319-363-1323 ext. 1032; or Mercy's Public Relations Specialist Karen Vander Sanden at or 319-558-8424.

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