SIFE Re-named Enactus

13 regional championships

More than 1,650 community members served through service projects that explore entrepreneurial action.

3 national recognitions for Mount Mercy alumni and current students.

Mount Mercy has a storied history with the Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) organization. And now, it transfers that success and engagement to Enactus.

Earlier this year, the SIFE worldwide organization, as part of a multi-year strategic review, explored the opportunity of changing the organization’s name to better support its mission and ability to build a global brand. 

The name change to Enactus – which represents the first letters of the key mission of the organization, Entrepreneur, Action, Us – is only the first step in an aggressive effort to expand the organization’s level of reach and impact. Equally important is the influence Enactus has on the 57,000 students – including Mount Mercy’s award-winning team – that participate in creating projects each year. The experience has a profound impact on the kind of leaders they become, and the type of work they choose to do in their lives.

“We welcome the name change from SIFE to Enactus,” says Bob Walker, advisor and Business Department Chair. “This is an exciting time as we seek to preserve and strengthen the core values that have guided SIFE to this point, while also telling a more complete and compelling story — one that will lead us into the future and serve as a platform for greater growth and impact. Mount Mercy students have always embraced the ideals put forth by Enactus and we are looking forward to another incredible year!”

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