Mount Mercy's Christenson serves on Tanager Place research advisory council

Mount Mercy University's Clinical Director for the Marriage and Family Therapy program Jacob Christenson, Ph.D., will serve on a new research advisory council for Tanager Place and their newly launched Research Center.

The Research Center, one of the first of its kind in Eastern Iowa, will offer new partnerships between the arenas of academic research and field study data. Christenson will serve on the research advisory council and offer expertise and guidance as the agency evaluates research proposals.

The Research Center will open the door for research proposals in any of the key service areas provided by Tanager Place. Organizational context is often the missing piece that prevents research findings from being implemented and ultimately changing practice. The Research Center and the work of the advisory council will help bridge the worlds of academic knowledge and case study resources.

Christenson participated in a press conference on Tuesday, September 25 as the agency officially unveiled the new center, introduced the advisory council and made a call for research proposals.

"I look forward to serving in this capacity and the opportunities that it will bring to both researchers and stakeholders in the state and community. In an ever changing health care market it is essential that researchers have access to 'real world' data that can support the effectiveness of our work in helping others manage and overcome challenges." 

UPDATE: Mount Mercy's Jacob Christenson was interviewed by local news media KCRG following a press conference on Tuesday, September 25, and shared his thoughts on the value of the research Tanager Place will see.

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