Mount Mercy freshman enrollment increases; overall enrollment steady following record-breaking year

Mount Mercy University's freshman enrollment saw a five percent increase this year and overall enrollment remains steady following a record-breaking year in 2011. For the second year in the institution's history, Mount Mercy is serving over 1,800 students between undergraduate, graduate, and adult accelerated programs.

Mount Mercy's combined student enrollment this fall is 1,810, with increases in freshman enrollment, graduate enrollment, and full-time student enrollment. The university welcomed 157 full-time freshmen and a total of 510 new undergraduate students. Graduate programs currently serve 297 students, and the number of students enrolled in the university full-time increased to 1,125. The population of new full-time students brings an 11 percent increase on the Hill.

Enrollment in adult accelerated programs remained steady with 116 new students. Demographics also changed as the number of male students increased to 558 men.

Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management and Dean of Admissions Scott Baumler was pleased with this fall's enrollment records and said it was a good year of recruiting for the university.

"We had a record-setting number of transfer students enroll last spring in addition to the freshman student increase this fall. I'm excited to be able to maintain and build upon the good foundation we have established and carry the university's mission forward," Baumler said.

Mount Mercy University achieved record-breaking enrollment in the fall of 2011 with 1,824 students. Located in the heart of Cedar Rapids, Mount Mercy was founded by the Sisters of Mercy, and welcomes students of diverse backgrounds, ages and faiths. The university offers opportunities for traditional and graduate students, as well as working adults. For more information, visit 

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