Mount Mercy University hosts first-ever “Constitution Day Hunger Games Challenge”

Constitution day is Monday, September 17. In honor of our American heritage, Mount Mercy University pauses each year on this date to reflect on the rights and privileges we all enjoy - including the Bill of Rights, considered the rights held most dear by Americans.

But do we know them well enough to remember them? This year, Mount Mercy University is bringing that challenge to its students. From 11-1 on Monday the 17th, the University will host its first-ever “Constitution Hunger Games Challenge,” a contest that ties together a bit of fun and learning, social media and Mount Mercy faculty. At a contest station set up in the University Commons and run by a staff and faculty member, students will receive a sheet of instructions guiding them to check the University’s Facebook page for three questions that test their knowledge of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Students will then answer the questions on Facebook and those who so correctly will have their names placed in a drawing. The staff will draw 3 winners who will each have their choice of a $25 gift card to the Campus Store or to Campus dining…and institutional pat on the back for demonstrating knowledge of the most important document in American history and proving yet again the value of a Mount Mercy education.

Throughout the day, fun and little known facts will be posted on the University’s Facebook page to give the Mount Mercy campus community a virtual space to reflect on this important day. For example, not many people know that due to ill health, Ben Franklin actually needed help signing the document or that it is the oldest and shortest written constitution of any government in the world

“We think this will be a great way for students to show off what they know and re-connect with a key moment in American history,” says Financial Aid Director Bethany Rinderknecht, the brainchild behind the contest.

We encourage everyone in the Mount Mercy Community to take a few moments to review one of the most important documents in America’s history. You can find a transcript of the Constitution at the Charters of Freedom website.

God bless America!

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