Mount Mercy nursing students continue to benefit from Keech Scholarship Fund

The Keech Scholarship Fund has been impacting Mount Mercy nursing students for more than 40 years.

Established in 1969 with funds from the estates of Dr. Roy K. Keech and his wife Bess, the scholarship extends support to nursing students, whose field will enable them to continue to impact the world around them. Dr. and Mrs. Keech’s mission through this funding is to “make available to worthy young people the advantage of an education in nursing for their benefit -- in order that they will be in a better position not only to help themselves, but to extend their influence to others.”

Mount Mercy is pleased to announce the recipients of the Keech Scholarship Fund for 2012-13.

  • Kelsey Anderson, a senior from Carlisle, Iowa
  • Kelsey Bishop, a senior from Washington, Iowa
  • Brenna Carlyle, a junior from Walford, Iowa
  • Megan Cornally, a senior from Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  • Rebecca Cuvelier, a senior from Lawler, Iowa
  • Shannon Dirks, a senior from Monticello, Iowa
  • Emily Guy, a senior from Monticello, Iowa
  • Katharine Jenkins, a junior from Washington, Iowa
  • Stephanie Nibaur, a senior from Elma, Iowa
  • Kayla Thurn, a junior from Edgewood, Iowa

This year a total of $25,000 will be awarded to Mount Mercy nursing students. Since the establishment of the fund in 1969, over $1.8 million has been awarded to more than 500 nursing students at Mount Mercy.

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