10th Annual HACAP Freedom from Hunger campaign celebrated at Mount Mercy

President Blake addresses the Freedom from Hunger audienceMount Mercy welcomed community partners and members of the public during the 10th annual HACAP Freedom from Hunger campaign kickoff, held in the University Center at Mount Mercy University on May 11.

Mount Mercy President Christopher Blake welcomed guests and recognized the individual contribution of organizations that annually play such an important role in the Freedom from Hunger campaign, among them Mount Mercy, Rockwell Collins and KMRY.

Special guest speakers included Rockwell Collins representative and Freedom from Hunger committee member Dave Gosch; Julia Kent, from KMRY and Director of Food Reservoir Bob Untiedt.

“It is wonderful to already reflect that there are seven counties in Eastern Iowa that this drive addresses and over 1,600 families have been helped this past week,” said Mount Mercy President Christopher Blake. Mount Mercy University recently participated in a campus-wide food drive, collecting enough food and financial contributions over the week to feed 1,653 meals to families in Iowa.

Last year, the Freedom from Hunger Community Food Drive set a record by collecting enough food and cash donations to provide 77,338 meals, or 100,540 pounds of food for area food assistance programs. The drive annually takes place at area businesses and community centers/events from June through August. Thirty food assistance programs received a portion of the food collected.

There are 54,270 area individuals who at one or more times in a typical week, are short of food. Each month, more than 10,000 requests are made for food assistance in our area. The Freedom from Hunger effort is directed at fighting hunger during the summer months when demand peaks and supplies dwindle.

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