Alliant Energy partners with Mount Mercy for energy-saving University Center

The new University Center at Mount Mercy University is a model of what energy-efficient buildings can look like and offer in energy savings in Eastern Iowa. The university recently worked with Interstate Power and Light Company (IPL), an Alliant Energy company, to design the latest and best energy-savings techniques and technologies into the building from the start of construction.

The new building is an example of how energy-efficient planning can really save money. The building was recently finished and is already saving the school money. A typical building of this size, without the energy-efficient technology would cost about $56,261 a year in energy costs. This technology lowers the schools average annual bill to $20,083.

“When we did the math on the benefits and costs of this project, it just made sense both financially and environmentally,” said Barb Pooley, vice president for finance and business operations. “We learned about Alliant Energy’s programs after an energy audit. I would recommend their help to anyone.”

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Photo courtesy of Alliant Energy

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