PROUD taskforce celebrates campus and promotes beautification

A special taskforce at Mount Mercy University has been designated to celebrate campus pride and enhance beautification, unifying efforts among students, faculty and staff through a variety of campaigns.

The PROUD (PRomoting Our University Distinctiveness) taskforce, with the support of Mount Mercy President Christopher Blake, launched fall 2010 and has been instrumental in developing, planning and showcasing a rich array of campus endeavors wrapped around campus pride, sustainability, and creating a welcoming and beautiful campus environment.

The taskforce’s efforts have led to several successful new initiatives, including the creation of a unique program open to all Mount Mercy students, faculty and staff – Adopt an Area. The program enables groups to “adopt” a specific area of campus and cultivate greenery, plant flowers, weed or trim as necessary. Currently, 17 areas of campus have been designated as areas that groups can adopt and transform.

Last year, five areas of campus were adopted by groups of students, faculty or staff – leading to a friendly competition to see which group could cultivate the most attractive area. Special thanks are extended to all who participated in Adopt an Area last year, including Human Resource Director Vicky Smith, Payroll Manager Connie Albaugh and Accounts Payable Manager Nancy Roush, who adopted the area of the Mount Mercy University granite sign on the corner of 27th St. and Prairie Dr., which was voted the best kept area in the inaugural campaign.

The PROUD taskforce has taken a leading role in spearheading annual campus beautification days, which allows teams to spread across campus and assist with clean-up or repair projects. Additional PROUD initiatives include increasing collaboration and partnership among other campus committees and taskforces, including the Sustainability Committee, the GREEN Outdoor Recreation Club and the Mission Integration Committee. Creating more attractive display areas, showcasing and protecting distinctive campus artwork and fostering universal points of pride across campus are just some of the initiatives of the PROUD taskforce.

PROUD co-chairs include Director of Facilities Dave Dennis and Director of Institutional Events Karla Stuecker. To submit ideas, suggestions or to request more information on PROUD, please email

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