Mount Mercy sees highest enrollment in history

Mount Mercy University has seen a record increase in fall enrollment across campus-wide demographics, including traditional, adult accelerated and graduate student enrollment.

Mount Mercy's total enrollment for fall 2011 is 1,824 students, the highest in the institution's history. The new number includes Mount Mercy's four distinct student populations of traditional, transfer, adult and graduate students.

Traditional student enrollment remains strong, with 151 new traditional freshmen, compared to last year's number of 118. Total traditional student enrollment for fall 2011 is 1,121 students, up from last year's 1,073. Mount Mercy's residential population has also increased, up 16 percent than this time last year, with 423 students living on campus.

"Mount Mercy is proud to offer programs and opportunities on campus that continue to be sought after by learners of all ages," says Mount Mercy President Christopher Blake. "Our distinct brand of Mercy education and mission-driven academics has played a key role in our success as a leader in higher education, and as a growing resource for the surrounding community for a values driven, robust education."

Graduate programs continue to thrive, with a 41 percent increase in graduate student enrollment since fall 2010. Total graduate student enrollment for fall 2011 is 286, which includes students from Mount Mercy's four master's programs: Master of Science in Nursing, Marriage and Family Therapy, Master of Arts in Education program, and Master of Business Administration.

The adult accelerated program has grown to 417 students, up from 368 this time last year.

Mount Mercy's athletic programs also continue to see growth. The number of student athletes has increased 16 percent since last year, with 244 total student athletes for the 2011-2012 season. Eighteen new students were recruited to compete in Mount Mercy's new bowling program.

Mount Mercy has a total of 41 international students on campus this fall, representing 24 different nations, including Brazil, Hong Kong, Croatia, Kenya, Sweden and Nepal.