Mount Mercy University student nabs internship in Hollywood

Mount Mercy University senior Jessica Joens has nabbed a highly competitive internship at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in North Hollywood, Calif.

The two-month internship on the Warner Brothers Studio has allowed Joens, an English major from Cedar Rapids, to participate in production and behind-the-scenes scripting needs for some of the network's most popular programs, including Harry's Law, where she had the opportunity to meet actress and director Kathy Bates. Her internship has already landed her in the costume, hair and makeup and props departments, as well as post production for the studio.

Nearly 1,300 people applied for the Academy's internship last year, which Joens nabbed with the encouragement of Mount Mercy's English faculty.

"If anyone deserves credit, it's the English professors at Mount Mercy," says Joens. "Mount Mercy is lucky to have professors that care so much about their students and go out of their way to help whenever they can."

Mount Mercy professors wrote recommendation letters, coordinated Joen's schedule and helped prep her for the fall semester when she returns from her internship in September.

"It is a challenging work environment for students these days," says Professor of English Jim Grove, Ph.D., who helped support Joens in her endeavor and is dedicated to providing students with work-related experience and internships. "It is often not enough to just have a resume with university courses and activities on it; the competition for jobs has become too intense for that. Students need to think about internships that can strengthen their credentials."

"The best experience so far has been just getting this opportunity," says Joens. "There are moments everyday where I look around me and think 'wow, I'm actually here.'"

"Internships allow students to apply what they have learned in class in a daily arena that allows them to investigate further the field they have chosen, so they can be sure that it is the right one for them," says Grove.

Joens is blogging about her adventures as an intern with the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences at her blog, Hollywood Hawkeye. 


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