Mount Mercy students partner with Boy Scouts during campout on Mays Island

Mays Island was bustling with activity over the weekend during a unique campout with Mount Mercy students and Scouts from the Hawkeye Area Council, Boy Scouts of America on May 7-8, 2011.

Teams of Mount Mercy students assisted the Scouts with several activity stations set up around the island, including craft-building, flag-folding, and knife safety stations. The Scouts also enjoyed playing Flag-football and other activities with Mount Mercy students. The campout served as the capstone event of a mentorship program between Mount Mercy University students and the Boy Scouts of America.

The mentorship program, dubbed "Venturing," allowed Mount Mercy students to build relationships with Cedar Rapids area Scouts at Polk and Johnson Elementary schools and the Four Oaks Bridge – partnering high-risk kids with caring and responsible adults.

The students, taught by Mount Mercy Lecturer of Business Anne King, partnered with Scouts aged 7 –14 in need of quality mentors to help them find success in their personal and professional lives. The partnership extended the full 15 weeks of the Spring semester, allowing Mount Mercy students to build meaningful and lasting relationships with the youth and putting them on solid ground to assist and mentor during the Mays Island campout.

The Mays Island campout provided the Scouts with an opportunity to be outdoors while using the skills they've learned as a Scout. Mount Mercy students helped supervise and escort the Scouts to activity stations throughout Mays Island, each one designated for specific hands-on training sessions.

Nationally recognized for its ability to provide at-risk youth with quality mentors, the Venturing program allowed Mount Mercy freshmen and senior students the chance to met with the Scouts once a week during the Spring semester, providing them with an opportunity to build solid relationships. 

To view photos of the event, visit Mount Mercy's Facebook page.

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