SIFE financial seminar with Cedar Rapids Bank & Trust rescheduled

Mount Mercy University’s Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) team, in partnership with Cedar Rapids Bank & Trust, will offer a personal finance seminar on Tuesday, March 15 at 7:30 p.m. in Flaherty Community Room, Basile Hall. This is a change from the original date of March 9.

The SIFE team has joined forces with Cedar Rapids Bank & Trust to educate high school students on personal finances. High school students in grades 9-12 in the Corridor are invited to attend the seminar and learn first-hand from a financial expert how to handle their personal finances, how to use credit and debit cards wisely, how to establish a relationship with a financial institution, and the basics of applying for loans.

Mount Mercy's SIFE team will host and co-present alongside Cedar Rapids Bank & Trust Senior Vice President James Klein.

"Financial planning is so critical for young people because the sooner they start saving, spending and investing wisely the better off they will be in the future," says SIFE Co-President Adam Kaefring. "These young people are our future and it is our hope that by educating these students, we can change the culture of debt and excessive spending into a culture of saving and investing."

SIFE is an international organization active on more than 1,400 college and university campuses in 48 countries, and is one of the largest business and higher education networks in the world, comprised of students, faculty and administrators, and business leaders. The goal of the organization is to work collaboratively to create a better world by addressing business and economic issues. 

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