Mount Mercy, Kirkwood Community College to Host ‘Virtual Open House’ for Prospective Adult Students

Mount Mercy and Kirkwood Community College representatives will host a “virtual open house” on Tuesday, June 15 at 6:00 p.m.

Adult students interested in earning their Bachelor’s degree in Business from Mount Mercy by taking courses beginning this fall at six Kirkwood Community College locations can gather at one of six locations to hear information about the Mount Mercy – Kirkwood partnership and learn more about the program’s curriculum, financial aid, faculty, and more. 

The “virtual open house” will be broadcast through the Kirkwood Telecommunications System, allowing individuals to participate in the open house session from Kirkwood’s centers in Vinton, Belle Plaine, Williamsburg, Washington, Tipton and Monticello. The site directors at each of those centers will serve as hosts for the virtual tour.

Mount Mercy College Dean of the Institute Tom Castle and Adult Accelerated Program Director Colette Atkins will lead the virtual open house. “A hallmark of the Mount Mercy – Kirkwood partnership is teaching students to utilize technology and prepare them to understand and adapt to the technological advances that occur in the business world,” says Castle. “It’s fitting that we are hosting a virtual open house, which will allow prospective students the opportunity to learn more about how a Bachelor’s degree will allow them to advance their career. Another hallmark of the Mount Mercy – Kirkwood partnership is convenience, and we are pleased that prospective students can choose to attend the virtual open house from a location that is convenient for them.”

Kirkwood’s Advance Program Coordinator Kay Bone also recognized the benefits of the fast-paced and focused classes for working adults.

“The Advance partnership between Kirkwood and Mount Mercy has moved learning and careers forward for well over a decade,” Bone observed. “These accelerated classes are practical, fast-moving options for working adults that can lead to more success. Now we are glad to make the Advance option even more helpful by offering classes at our centers, close to many more people in our seven county area. The proven partnership we share in this program just got even better for people balancing home, work and learning across our seven counties.”

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