Mount Mercy presents the musical "Quack"

Mount Mercy College will perform the musical Quack April 15 – 17 at 7:30 p.m. each evening, and April 18 at 1:30 p.m., at Mount Mercy’s McAuley Theatre. Tickets are $8.00 for the public and $6.00 for students and senior citizens. Group rates are available at the student price for groups of ten or more. The McAuley Theatre is located in the lower level of McAuley Hall on the Mount Mercy College campus. For more information call 319-363-8213 ext 1229.

The play is directed by Mount Mercy Associate Professor of Speech/Drama Kathi Pudzuvelis, in collaboration with Associate Professor of Music Daniel Kleinknecht, director of music for the production. This will be the first stage collaboration between Pudzuvelis and Kleinknecht in more than 10 years. 

Cast members include Tammy Schmidt, a senior from Wapello, Iowa, who plays the role of Marti; Ben Wood, a freshman from Cascade, Iowa, who plays the role of Orville; Cody Bouwman, a sophomore from Alvord, Iowa; Jodie Brinkmann, a junior from Alburnett, Iowa; Kevin Arnold, a junior from Cedar Rapids; Jim Bohy, associate professor of computer science at Mount Mercy; Caty Lunemann, a senior from Solon, Iowa; Maria Upmeyer, a senior from Solon, Iowa; Avery Glendenning, a sophomore from Urbana, Iowa; Jenny Valliere, a freshman from Cedar Rapids; and Yesenia Mendoza, a senior from Austin, Minn. 

Quack, a classic comedy remade into a bawdy musical, follows the adventures of Orville, an indigent woodchopper, and his wife, Marti. The burlesque tale that ensues offers audiences a comedic musical performance with all the flavor of a Vaudeville-style production.

After a playful domestic spat, Marti decides to wreak revenge on her wayward husband. When two upper-class gentlemen tell her they are trying to cure a well-born young lady of a rare disease which, for some mysterious reason, prevents her from speaking, Marti concocts a fabulous lie about her husband, telling them that he is a miraculous doctor who has cured innumerable cases originally thought to be hopeless. Enthralled by Marti's description of her “miraculous doctor,” they coerce him to the home of the speechless young lady and, believing he might be in for a bountiful reward, Orville pretends to be the Great Healer they take him to be. 

While in residence, he realizes the young lady's speech problem is simply a ruse to avoid being married to an insufferable suitor and that she is really in love with another man. After several farcical scrapes with the young lady’s father, lover, governess and friends, Orville’s true identity is revealed — but by then the silent daughter has “miraculously” recovered her speech, Marti has rediscovered her husband and what could have been a disaster turns out happily for all concerned.

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