Associate Professor of Criminal Justice Chad Loes, Ph.D., named Feld Endowed Chair

Mount Mercy College Associate Professor of Criminal Justice Dr. Chad N. Loes has been named the 2010-2012 Dr. Thomas R. Feld Endowed Chair for Teaching Excellence.

“The Feld Endowed Chair award, named after former Mount Mercy President Thomas R. Feld is a wonderful opportunity for Mount Mercy to showcase the dedication to teaching of its distinguished faculty,” says Mount Mercy President Christopher Blake. “Dr. Loes appointment is a perfect example of Mount Mercy’s commitment to living our mission of providing a quality, faith-inspired and practical education, and we are delighted to provide an opportunity to honor those who are experts at facilitating the learning process.”

Recipients of this award offer faculty workshops that focus on their special areas of expertise and inquiry. Among the topics Loes plans to address are development of critical thinking, best practice principles in undergraduate education, and student evaluation of teaching.

Endowed Chair recipients also receive support for research initiatives. Loes will continue to conduct research on the effects of specific teaching behaviors on students’ cognitive development using data from a multi-institutional longitudinal study. He also plans to explore the extent of multicultural training in large law enforcement agencies in Iowa.

Loes has been a faculty member at Mount Mercy College since August 2001, where his teaching specialties include research design, and diversity and the criminal justice system.  His primary research areas are cognitive development, and diversity-related issues.  In addition to the aforementioned research on teacher behaviors and cognitive development, he is currently working on two additional studies examining racial disparities in the Iowa correctional system, and the role of incentives on participant attrition in longitudinal research.  Loes obtained the Doctor of Philosophy degree from The University of Iowa. 

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