Music Administration

Studying music administration at Mount Mercy University means you get the best of both worlds.

For those whose passions lie with music and business, our music administration program is the perfect fit. This track within the music major combines the music core and essential business courses that enable you to thrive in a plethora of creative career paths.

Splitting your time between music and business departments allows you to experience a well-balanced curriculum. This interdisciplinary degree will prepare you with excellent leadership, managerial, administrative, and music skills.

Students work closely with faculty who practice what they teach, bringing practical experience and working knowledge to the classroom. You’ll develop important time administration and performance skills, gain valuable collaborative skills, and strengthen your communications abilities for listening and interpreting others—applicable to all job environments.

Experience matters. Organizations often look for creative people who can also function in the business world. Faculty connections provide students with internships in local organizations, enabling students to gain experience in their field.

Interested in performance? MMU offers numerous ensembles for students:

Music Scholarships are available to any student with a passion for the arts.