Plan of Study

Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) | Plan of Study

Students may start coursework in either January or August of each year.

  • Full-time students can complete the program in 18 months.
  • Part-time students work with an advisor to develop a schedule that works best for them.

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  • Forensic Nursing
    August Start (pdf) | January Start (pdf)
  • Health Advocacy
    August Start (pdf) | January Start (pdf)
  • Nurse Administration
    August Start (pdf) | January Start (pdf)
  • Nurse Education
    August Start (pdf) | January Start (pdf)
  • Nursing Informatics
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College of Distinction

5 Areas of Emphasis — 

  • Forensic Nursing: Develop, promote, and implement protocols and systems related to complex health concerns while responding to victims and perpetrators of trauma, injury, accidents, neglect, abuse, exploitation, and all forms of violence
  • Health Advocacy: Design, implement, manage, continuously improve, and lead innovative health care population management programs.
  • Nurse Administration: Lead and manage complex 21st century health care organizations.
  • Nurse Education: Design, implement, and continuously improve educational initiatives in academic and health care settings.
  • Nursing Informatics: Develop, implement, and lead interdisciplinary health information technologies with knowledge and skills in system design and analysis, databases, consumer informatics, clinic decision support, knowledge representation, interoperability, and population health informatics