Professor of Sociology
Director, Faculty Development
Coordinator, International Studies and Sociology Program

311 Warde Hall
319-363-1323 ext. 1287


Ph.D. in Sociology (1986)
Michigan State University

M.S. in Urban and Regional Planning (1980)
University of Michigan

M.S. in Architecture (with distinction, 1973)
University of Tehran, Iran

Professor of Sociology Dr. Mohammad Chaichian joined Mount Mercy in 1994. He holds a Master's degree in Architecture, a Master's degree in Urban Planning, and a PhD in Sociology. He was the recipient of the 2008-2010 Dr. Thomas R. Feld Endowed Chair for Teaching Excellence and community service. 

Dr. Chaichian has published numerous articles on contemporary Iran, immigration issues, urban political economy, and race relations, and has conducted workshops and given talks about the Middle East, particularly the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. His teaching interests include sociological theories, methods, urban sociology, social inequalities, social movements, race and ethnicity, and immigration issues. For more information see his Curriculum Vitae.



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Please read the book review.

Chaichian, Mohammad. 2014. Empires and Walls: Globalization, Migration, and Colonial Control. Leiden, the Netherlands: Brill (hardcover edition).
Please read the book review.

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Book chapters:

Chaichian, Mohammad. 2010. “Dismantling the Defensive Wall of the Colonized: The Veil and the French Law on Secularity and Conspicuous Religious Symbols in Schools,” in Richard Dello Buono and David Fasenfest (eds), Social Change, Resistance, and Social Practices, Leiden and Boston: Brill. (PDF)

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