Meet our Staff

The staff of International Student Recruitment and Integration have extensive experience in international education, each with more than 20 years of assisting students from all over the world in their transition to American life. Their success in helping students fully integrate and participate in academic and campus life is evident in the leadership and activities demonstrated by Mount Mercy’s international students. Mount Mercy international students have achieved success in academics, in athletics, and even served as commencement speaker

Our staff provide support for international students from the start of their application through their academic program, and for a year of work experience for students who choose to do Optional Practical Training. Before the annual Freshman/Transfer Orientation, they provide a thorough international student orientation covering cultural, medical, legal, and academic issues, and also helping students with some of the basics of American life, such as opening a bank account or applying for a Social Security number if they are working on campus. 

International Student Recruitment and Integration is committed to helping students achieve an exceptional educational experience at Mount Mercy.

In addition to these services, the Office of International Student Recruitment and Integration:

  • Assists and advises students throughout the application process
  • Supports the efforts of every international student in achieving intellectual development and graduation
  • Develops and conducts a comprehensive international student orientation at the beginning of each semester
  • Advises international students how to use academic success as preparation for success in life
  • Develops and maintains student data for visa and SEVIS system purposes
  • Develops an ethos of collegiality and bridge building between faculty and international students
  • Increases international students’ involvement in campus life
  • Enhances international students’ satisfaction with their overall experience at Mount Mercy University