Meet our Coordinator

Amir HadzicAmir Hadzic
Assistant Director of International Programs and Student Services
Men's Soccer Head Coach
319-363-1323 ext. 1543


Assistant Director of International Programs and Student Services Amir Hadzic has extensive experience in international education. For several years, he has led international student orientations and assisted students from all over the world in their transition to American student life. His success in helping students fully integrate and participate in academic and campus life is evident in the leadership and activities demonstrated by Mount Mercy’s international students. With his guidance, international students have been elected to student government, been hired as residence hall assistants, written for and been featured in the student newspaper, led athletic teams, won a campus-wide scholarship, and volunteered for service learning trips to Arizona, Texas and Louisiana. 

Before the annual Freshman/Transfer Orientation, Hadzic provides a thorough formal international orientation covering cultural, medical, legal, and academic issues. In addition, he provides information on the local community (places of worship, shopping, doctors, etc.), and arranges for a complete tour of campus and introduction to campus facilities.

Hadzic regularly discusses adjustment issues with international students, and when needed, helps them find counseling, medical care and transportation to medical offices, or other resources. With his knowledge of campus and of individual international students, he is able to help connect international students to opportunities on-campus, and works with faculty to ensure that students get the support they need. Hadzic is often the person who greets international students upon their arrival at the airport. In addition, he helps all international students receive Social Security numbers, open bank accounts and gain assistance in filling out tax returns. Through the HOST program, international students are matched up with local host families who provide home hospitality, particularly on holidays and periods when the campus is closed.

As Assistant Director of International Programs and Student Services, Hadzic is committed to a comprehensive program of life-skill building and to helping students achieve an exceptional educational experience at Mount Mercy. He assists students to plan and develop well-balanced lifestyles, which encourages growth in decision-making, planning and fulfillment of career and life goals, enhances the quality of the students’ experience within the classroom, and the Mount Mercy University community as a whole. In addition to these responsibilities, Hadzic is the Designated School Official for the SEVIS system that works closely with the Department of Homeland Security.

In addition to these services, the Assistant Director of International Programs and Student Services:

  • Supports the efforts of every international student in achieving intellectual development and graduation
  • Develops and conducts a comprehensive international student orientation at the beginning of each semester
  • Advises international students how to use academic success as preparation for success in life
  • Develops and maintains student data for visa and SEVIS system purposes
  • Develops and implements different types of programming for international students
  • Provides services directed at student development that might not otherwise be available through campus or local community resources
  • Develops an ethos of collegiality and bridge building between faculty and international students
  • Increases international students’ involvement in campus life
  • Enhances international students’ satisfaction with their overall experience at Mount Mercy University

Mission of Mount Mercy University's International Student Services:

Mount Mercy University provides a positive environment for students worldwide and encourages international education and exchange. Mount Mercy University sets and upholds standards of good practice, provides help in the admission process, provides orientation and training, student development, and networking opportunities, and advocates for international education.