Medical Laboratory Science Class Requirements

Although the medical laboratory science program does not have specific prerequisites, the University does recommend the following classes:

  • English, four years including literature
  • Mathematics, two or more years including algebra, algebra II and geometry
  • Social studies, three or more years including American and European history
  • Science, two or more years of a laboratory science


REQUIRED(Along with a 12 month internship program)

General Chemistry I 

Fundamentals of Biology and Scientific Inquiry II 

General Chemistry II 


Organic Chemistry I 

Basic Human Physiology and Laboratory 

Organic Chemistry II 


Analytical Chemistry 

General Microbiology

Biochemistry and Laboratory 

Basic Statistics

Instrumental Analysis 


Fundamentals of Biology and Scientific Inquiry I 




Curriculum requirements, core requirements and electives at Mount Mercy total 91 hours. In the required, fourth-year internship, 31.5 credit hours will be earned. Admission to the medical laboratory science program at Mount Mercy does not ensure admission to the fourth-year internship. Each hospital school of medical technology may accept or reject applicants on the basis of scholarship, health, personality, suitability for the profession or enrollment limitations.  Most hospital schools require a minimum grade point average of 2.5 or greater.